Run rabbit run – using rabbits for education 101

Lots of families in the UK have a rabbit and while that statement may be correct legally the reality is that the rabbit is bought as a pet for kids, this often happens around Easter and, while the morals of making such a decision are something that can be discussed elsewhere for now, it can be a great learning opportunity for the family.

This means that if you were to ask the kids in the family who owned the rabbit then the kids names would often be the first mentioned, in the eyes of children the fact that they merely named the animal can be more than enough to dictate that they are the legal owner.

While the rabbit is by all intents and purposes owned by children it would be irresponsible for any adult to totally hand over the upkeep of an animal to minors.
When it comes to the play and general care for a rabbit then the minors are probably the ones who would enjoy the general upkeep the most and it is also quite a credible learning experience for them, however, there are areas that are totally suited to the more mature owner.

It may be a useful learning experience to get kids involved in the selection and buying of rabbit food, housing and other essentials and it might even be a way to get kids interested in budgeting, maths and general animal care depending on how you spin it, however, you could also use the rabbit as an introduction to more complex financial issues like insurance.

As far as insurance goes, when you look at home contents, car insurance and every other flavour pet insurance is fairly straight forwards. Other than mobile phone insurance there is probably not a more simple variety of insurance other than pet and of all the pet insurance varieties rabbit insurance is probably the easiest to understand. As your rabbits health is something that your kids will likely take seriously you could use this as a way to break them into the elements of cover and terms and conditions. It might seem like a little bit of a heavy exercise depending of their ages but if attention starts to dwindle at all then you can always try to refocus them by bringing the rabbit and its health back to the forefront of the discussion.

By nature of insuring your rabbit you will be discussing the animals health and this can provide opportunity to forewarn the family that the animal could fall sick and that, while such events are unfortunate, they are unavoidable and something that you will need to be ready for. Depending on attention spans and the level of interest shown you could then go on to talk about anatomy and basic biology, when you do anything like this having the focal point of an actual rabbit makes things a lot easier.

A useful tip to get things stated would be to start a general conversation with the family about the rabbit while it is present rather than opening with a really heavy statement like “we are going to talk about rabbit insurance today” which, really, does not sound like the kind of thing anyone would want to spend time discussing.

Take care of your rabbit, you never know what might happen to them!

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